Residential | Commercial Property

Residential & Commercial Property Evictions can be Difficult let Orange County Evictions Handle all Your Needs When Dealing with a Residential or Commercial Eviction Process.

Post-Foreclosure | Investment Property

Whether you purchase property from a foreclosed sale, or on the regular market, we will help you gain possession of that property from any holdover or lease-holding occupants.

Squatters | Tenants At-Will

Squatters and tenants-at-will taking over vacant homes and refusing to leave has become a concern for California property owners. Squatting means moving into a property (or remaining) without the owner’s permission. In California, state law addresses the issue of squatters, and in some cases, their rights cannot easily be abridged.

Government Rental Assistance | Section 8

Governmental assistance programs afford residents many rights beyond just subsidized rent. We will provide you with the utmost Professional Advice and representation in handling Government Rental Assistance or Section 8 occupants.


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– 2009, A Great Start

Supervised and assisted law students in the University of San Diego School of Law Landlord/Tenant clinic.

– 2011, For The People !

Represented Property Managers, and Owners in both Residential and Commercial Unlawful Detainers Trials and Dispositive Motions.

– 2016 , Orange County Evictions Launches!

Founded Orange County Evictions, Doing Business as your Orange County Evictions Attorney.

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